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Travelling with my Nokia Communicator

As I mentioned earlier, I was going to put my new Nokia 9500 to the travel test. This particular trip to the airport ended up being both a good and a bad test.

It was a good test in that I was able to quickly read and write email. The quickness comes from the instant On-ness of the device and the relative speed of Cingular’s GPRS/EDGE network in Sea-Tac airport. I was able to sync email from three different inboxes with relative speed and agility. I was able to even tap out a quick email on the keyboard and get it sent.

It was a bad test in that I did not get to spend a large amount of time on the ground due to the fact the overall airport experience was a bit rushed. I wasn’t late, but it was a heavy travel day and everything took several times longer than usual. This means I didn’t spend any time web browsing. Heck, I barely had time to wolf down my dinner.

Last night, I flew into San Francisco and managed to leave my laptop in my backpack until this morning when I got into the office. Quite an accomplishment since I managed to be more or less up to date as of about 1am Sunday night with my email. In addition to keeping up on my email, I managed to play a round of golf, listen to a few MP3s, and write up a detailed account of my testing. Most of this blog entry was written from the Nokia 9500.

While I definitely need a PC when I am on the road still, when I’m in transit, I should be able to leave the laptop in my bag and use my Communicator. That makes my life a lot easier. Now if I can just get a large MMC card and get some MP3s on it, I’ll be set. Oh wait, I picked up a 1gb MMC card today, so it’s time to start copying those MP3s…

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