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This week, I haven’t done much in the way of looking at other VoIP blogs. I haven’t figured out a nice way to synchronize the list of RSS feeds on the PCs I use. That’s part of it. Also, I just have more to do on these trips and just don’t have the time to read all the blogs. Heck, I barely had time to log into Voxilla to see what’s going on in the forums.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this picture that a friend of mine took of me while we were at the Check Point Users Group meeting on Tuesday night. For some reason, I don’t think it looks anything like me. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost lots of weight and I’m still not used to how I look. But people say I look younger now. In fact, when I recently ordered a Macallan 12 year old scotch, the waitress in the restaurant I was in looked me over and asked “are you sure you’re old enough to drink?” Of course, I had to pull out my ID to prove I was more than old enough to drink.

In any case, here is a comparison between me in September 2003, October 2004, and April 2005. You can decide for yourself.

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