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Another Travel Day with my Nokia Communicator

This evening I sat in the San Jose airport reading and writing email from my Nokia Communicator, meanwhile using it to listen to MP3s. I even looked at a couple of Sipura configs that were emailed to me (they’re basically web pages). I used Cingular’s GPRS/EDGE network, which was well suited to the task.

I need a few more MP3s loaded on my Communicator. Having a 1gb MMC and converting my MP3s to a slightly lower AAC bitrate goes pretty far. I’ll have to get Nokia’s stereo headphones too to increase my listening enjoyment on the plane.

I typed this on the Communicator while on the airplane. I’ll have to figure out an easier way to get the data off and into my blog, but it’s nice to be able to type out my thoughts on the airplane. Same problem if I used my laptop, though a dmittedly a little easier if I used my laptop instead.

Speaking of my laptop, I’m sure the person sleeping next to me on the plane is happy that I’m not crowding her with my laptop. I’m also happy I’m not trying to figure out how to use my laptop in such a tiny space.

And wait. I know how to get this blog entry off my Communicator. Email it. [Edit: Might be easier if I set the Communicator to send with MIME instead of uuencoding attachments]

Have I mentioned that travelling with my Nokia Communicator is so much easier than the alternatives?

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