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Is Unlimited VoIP service really unlimited?

Om is pointing out an incident on DSL Reports where a VoIP provider told someone that 1150 minutes was “too much” for their residential VoIP service.

Personally, the concept of “unlimited minutes with a cap” is just plain false advertising. The problem is: everyone does it, not just VoIP companies. Qwest does it with their “unlimited long distance” plan for $20 a month. It has a limit (spelled out in the fine print) of 5,000 minutes. VoIP providers may or may not disclose what this limit is, but will be more than happy to tell you once you’ve gone over that limit.

Some providers actually disclose what their limit is. TelIAX actually tells you fairly clearly what their limits are on their plans. Most providers aren’t so forthcoming and you either have to hope they don’t have a limit or pray you don’t get “caught” for something you didn’t know you did wrong. Either way, something’s gotta change.

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