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Okay, now I’ve got the Nokia 6260 Working…

One thing I was having problems doing was using the Nokia 6260 to receive MMS messages. I had it sending MMSes, receiving and sending text messages, but I must have fat-fingered the settings one or two too many times because despite having them right, I was unable to receive any MMSes to my Nokia 6260.

Stev0 suggested I perform a factory reset on the device, which means you dial *#7370#. This erases all the settings and resets to factory default. Didn’t change my time/date format from US back to European, but everything else was gone, at least that which I didn’t store on my MMC.

After doing that and re-entering the settings without fat-fingering, I was able to receive MMS messages on my phone. All is well once again. I suppose a side-effect of this is that I now know Cingular’s GPRS and MMS settings by heart. :)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures I snapped today of Jaden, who’s almost 5 now.

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