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I was having a discussion with a Voxilla employee about phones. She was mentioning her 7-year old daughter collects unused cell phones for some reason. She knows I have a ton of phones, and remarked that her daughter would be impressed by my phone collection. Judge for yourself.

Nokia 9500
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6340i x 2
Nokia 6820
Nokia 6800
Nokia 3650
Nokia 8260
Nokia 6160 x 2
Nokia 6190
Nokia 9290
Nokia 6185

That’s just mobile phones. Don’t ask why I have all these phones. Probably something to do with my packrat genes and the fact that I forget to take the TDMA phones in for recycling or sale on eBay.

As far as IP phones go, I’ve got:

SPA-841 x 2
Polycom IP600
Polycom IP300
Grandstream Budgetone BT-100
Packet 8 Business phone (okay, not technically an IP phone, but it came with the service)
Pulver WiSIP
Leadtek IP Videophone (on loan)

There are five cordless phones in the house, too (two of which are downstairs, three of which are in my office).

And let’s not talk about how many SIP ATAs I have sitting around.

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