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Where is this thing going?: The mobility I want

From Where is this thing going?: The mobility I want:

Have you ever had a personal assistant? or a “Secretary”, as they used to be called some time ago?

That is exactly what I would like to have in my mobile device (or hosted somewhere and have it associated to it). A “truly personal” Gatekeeper, a Majordomo that would be capable of separating our personal and business lives and that will enable us,broadband addicts, to devote our undivided attention to whatever requires it at the moment. A piece of software capable of learning from instructions issued over time and to derive a set of rules to be used generally.

Even though this post is nearly three years old, you should read this entire piece. It has a lot of ideas that would be compelling to a lot of people. The biggest challenge to fulfilling this vision is getting all of the necessary players on board and cooperating in order to provide it.

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