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The TRS-80 Pocket Computer!

From Ira Goldklang’s TRS-80 Revived Site » TRS-80 Computers: TRS-80 Pocket Computers:

Radio Shack puts big computing power in the palm of your hand with the amazing new TRS-80 Pocket Computer, the first complete, portable copmuting system you can program in BASIC. The Pocket Computer can solve problems, process data, assist with decision-making, teach, and even entertain – at a low price that seems all the more incredible once you’ve explored its exiting features

This “pocket computer” came out in 1980. They were little more than glorified calculators, but you could program them with BASIC. Tandy (Radio Shack) actually put out a number of variants of this during the 1980s with different form factors (and costs).


The modern day equivalent of the TRS-80 Pocket Computer is, of course, your smartphone. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, or something else, it’s going to look just as quaint in 30 years as these TRS-80 Pocket Computers do today.

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