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Obsolete VoIP ATAs For Sale

Over the years, I’ve accumulated far too many VoIP ATAs and other related gear. Now I’m getting rid of them. By now, most of this stuff isn’t supported. It may be almost entirely worthless. But I’d rather not throw it away. I’m sure it’s of value to someone. Thus I’m going to sell it here.

Here are my rules (updated 20 November 2010):

  1. If you’re not sure what the device is, ask Google first.
  2. Devices and power bricks are believed to be in working order. They were recently powered on, their web interface was accessed, and the device was factory reset.
  3. Unless noted, equipment will ship with only a power brick. The old Sipura devices may not contain a universal power brick (i.e. one that works outside North America).
  4. Equipment is AS-IS with whatever firmware is on the device now.
  5. I will not provide technical support for these devices. Google can help.
  6. Please email your offer (desired equipment and total price with shipping cost) to dwelch AT phoneboy DOT com. Nothing reasonable refused.
  7. Payments accepted via PayPal ONLY.
  8. Once payment has been received, orders will only ship to US Addresses via USPS with delivery confirmation.

Ready for the list? Here we go! I have one of each unless otherwise noted (Equipment list updated 21 November 2010). Crossed off items have been sold and are no longer available.

Grandstream ATAs:

  • HT 496
  • HT 488
  • HT 486


  • SPA-3000 (Qty 4) (Qty 2)
  • SPA-2100
  • SPA-2002
  • SPA-2000
  • SPA-1001
  • SPA-1000


  • SPA-9000
  • SPA-3102
  • PAP2-NA
  • WBP54G – Wireless Bridge for Linksys/Sipura Devices
  • WIP300 (802.11g WiFi phone)

Intertex (router with enhanced SIP/PBX support)

  • IX-66 with 802.11b CF card (adds WiFi support)
  • IX-67 which includes 802.11g support

Cisco ATA-186 with version 3.1.0 firmware

SIP CPE FX-200 (5v variety, does not come with a power brick)


  • ZoomTel V3 Model 5577 (Cable/DSL Router with VoIP ATA, new in box)
  • Zoom ATA Modem 5801 (New in box)
  • ZoomTel X5v (DSL Modem with VoIP ATA)

Dock n’ Talk with the following:

  • Bluetooth Module
  • Cable NM1-L
  • Cable NP1-L

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