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Sipura gets acquired by Linksys, er Cisco

When I saw this press release came across my blog reader, my first thought was: holy @%@#%, Batman. Linksys is assimilating Sipura. I privately joked that this was a possiblity, but I had no real knowledge that such a thing was going to happen. Sure enough, it is. Wow.

This isn’t the first time Jan Fandriato and his team were acquired by Cisco. A previous company of Jan’s, Komodo, was acquired by Cisco in 2000. That technology became the venerable ATA-186.

I have no idea what impact this is going to have on Voxilla’s business. Voxilla resells a lot of Sipura equipment. I have no idea what impact this is going to have on end users of Sipura equipment either. Since they’re being acquired by Linksys, hopefully that means we will be able to get free firmware upgrades for the devices. As long as they don’t go the path of Cisco and what they did with the ATA-186, which is make the firmware only accessible to people with a support contract.

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