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Google Shutting Down Gizmo5

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Google shuttered the Gizmo5 service they acquired the service in November 2009. The date of closure: 3 April 2011. You can add credit to your account for another week, but after that, you can only use the credits you have.

To be honest, I haven’t used it in quite some time as GTalk in Gmail and Skype fill my calling needs quite nicely. I only found out about the closure of Gizmo5 because someone asked me for a recommendation for an alternative that supported open SIP hardware (my recommendation: Voicepulse).

In any case, I still had somewhat of a balance in my Gizmo5 account. You are given the option to get a refund for the unused balance or transfer it to your Google Voice account. I opted for the latter, as I actually use GTalk to make calls occasionally. The balance transfer is “in progress.” We’ll see how smoothly it actually goes.

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