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Review of Enzo’s Pinball for Android

I don’t play a lot of games. For good reason: I tend to get sucked into them. I could easily lose half a day to a game, so I rarely start.

That said, I do on occasion indulge myself. I occasionally need to look at a game for my kids. Or I occasionally get asked to write a review of a game. Today’s distraction is a game for Android called Enzo’s Pinball, made by a company called Haptify. Their PR firm sent me a free copy of the game for review.

Being someone that owns a real pinball machine, I have fairly high standards for what a pinball simulation should do. Honestly, most of the simulations fail for a number of reasons.

Enzo’s Pinball is certainly one of the better versions I’ve played. It comes with three unique tables. The game was fairly intuitive to play, though I found it far too easy to get both flippers to flip on my Nexus One when I wanted one or the other.

The game also makes use of the phone’s vibrator. It vibrates to the action on the game in an attempt to simulate real pinball action. The vibrator is a nice touch, but any serious pinball junkie will tell you there’s nothing quite like the thunk–or the feel–of a real machine.

Certainly $1.49 isn’t bad for a game of this quality. The game is fun to play and includes OpenFeint support so you can share your achievements with the world.


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