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Podcast client for Symbian?

You know, I really dig This Week in Tech, which is what Leo Laporte decided to call his weekly podcast with all the cool people from Tech TV which started out with the name “The Revenge of the Screen Savers.” Problem is, I have a two-step process for dealing with this content:

  1. Downloading from my Linux box.
  2. Bluetoothing the content to my Nokia 9500 or a Nokia 6260.

What would be ideal is if I could do it directly from the 9500. The 9500 does have WiFi, so it’s not as if it doesn’t have a “fast” connection. To date, I have just been unable to find a podcast client application on Symbian that will download files listed on RSS feeds. There are a couple of RSS readers, but they appear to be Java based.

If someone can point me in the direction of a podcasting client for Symbian OS (specificially Nokia Series 60 or Series 80 compatible), I’d be greatful.

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