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BroadVoice Outage

For the past week or so, BroadVoice has been more offline than on. People having problems making and receiving calls. Some people got lucky, others got royally screwed. Tempers flared up in the Voxilla forums, we even banned someone (though he has since been reinstated). Things are still down or at least partially broken.

Fortunately for me, I have other means to make and receive calls, and not too many people call my BroadVoice number, so it did not affect me except in the increase in the amount of traffic on the Voxilla Forums. Others were, of course, not so lucky. Certainly drives the point home to “have other ways to communicate in case one channel goes down.” That’s one reason I have lots of ways to make outbound calls from my Asterisk server (that and I get them for free or cheap thru Voxilla).

I feel for everyone that’s having problems, including BroadVoice themselves since these issues are not exactly their fault.

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