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MAXROAM Makes 3G Data Available for iPad at 0.27 EUR/MB!

Pat Phelan announced via his blog today that MAXROAM launches iPad 3G rates in 44 countries for only 27c a MB. (That’s Eurocents, FYI)

To be fair, this isn’t entirely an iPad specific offering. The MicroSIM can be used in any device that supports a MicroSIM, so it will also work in the newer iPhones as well. Also, to get the 0.27 EUR a MB (which, FYI, is billed in 25k increments), you have to buy a 200MB bundle for 55 EUR. That 200MB is good for 30 days and you can get that rate in 44 countries.

That said, it’s a fantastic deal, if you often take your iPad with you when you travel throughout Europe. See the MAXROAM site for more details.



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