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Qwest Launches OneFlex VoIP

It looks like Qwest has launched OneFlex, their VoIP offering. I was looking at this to see how different it would be from, say, a regular PSTN line with Qwest. It’s only midly cheaper.

At least in my neck of the woods, I can get a regular PSTN line with “all the features” for $34.95. Long distance is $0.05 a minute with a $2.99 fee and a $20/mo cap. Taxes are extra of course. Meanwhile, OneFlex gives a VoIP line with “all the features” for $30/mo but does not include long distance. You do get local calling for that, though. Same deal applies for long distance as with a PSTN line. Cost savings before tax: a whole $5 a month. Yeah, you get some advanced features, but the cost is ridiculous compared to, say, AT&T Call Vantage which at least gives you unlimited calling to the US and Canada for $30/mo.

So why would I go with Qwest for VoIP again?

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