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How to fix Location Services on the iPhone 3GS with iPad Baseband (06.15)

Many moons ago, I installed the dreaded iPad Baseband on my iPhone 3GS. I did this for one simple reason: I wanted to be able to unlock my iPhone with Ultrasn0w. Unfortunately, as I was warned when I did it, this was a one-way street unless Apple releases a baseband for the iPhone 3GS with a version above 06.15 since the iPhone does not allow you to downgrade the baseband.

While the iPad Baseband had worked pretty well for a while, funny things started happening after the iOS 5 upgrade. Namely: my GSM radio and WiFi would crash when Location Services was active.

And, to make matters worse, AT&T finally decided to relent and allow iPhones they sold that are out-of-contract to be unlocked. This means I don’t have to worry about Ultrasn0w anymore, but I still have the problems created by the iPad Baseband I can’t get rid of (and quite frankly, no longer need).

The good news is that I found a “fix” for the issues:

  1. Use Cydia to install SAM, even if you activated with the original SIM
  2. In SAM, Go to Utilities and click on the De-Activate iPhone button (which will deactivate your iPhone)
  3. Download the latest version of Redsn0w (if needed), use the jailbreak option against your phone with no options checked (even Cydia). This will re-apply the “fix” during hactivation.
  4. When phone reboots, deactivate again with SAM
  5. Re-activate your phone with iTunes or, if you don’t have your original SIM, use SAM to activate it again.

The steps appear to work for iOS 5.1. I will have to experiment more and see if I catch it crashing the radios again.

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