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The OneCable

I travel frequently. One thing I can never quite seem to get right is having the right mix of USB cables for my gadgets. This is because the gadgets I carry vary from time to time. Surely, I can carry cables for each device, but I rarely need to use them all simultaneously. It’s a lot of wasted space.

This is why I was pleased as punch to find out about the OneCable, which my friends at MobileFun sent me for review. It is one of my favorite iPhone accessories because it works with in two ways: with the regular 30-pin connector and a MicroUSB, which fits the battery case I have. For the rare MiniUSB device, the cable also supports that as well.

All three connectors are built into a retractable cable that replaces three separate cables in my bag. Choosing the right connector is simple. The ends are attached to the cable, are easy to connect and won’t get lost. I even like them outside my travel bag as I can leave one cable on my desk plugged into my computer that will connect to anything I might want to plug in via USB.

All in all, having one (or more) of these cables is highly recommended. While MobileFun in the UK sells them, a number of other vendors worldwide sell similar cables. They are well worth the investment.


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