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Dear AT&T CEO: Data-only Plans are Already Here. You Offer Them.

From AT&T: Data-only plans coming for phones in 2 years:

The CEO of AT&T Inc. said Friday that cellphone plans that count only data usage are likely to come in the next two years. In such a scenario, phone calls and texts would be considered as just another form of data.

AT&T already offers this–on the iPad. So does Verizon.  Even though it isn’t marketed that way, T-Mobile offers an “unlimited” prepaid monthly plan that could be easily used that way. It includes a perfunctory 100 minutes of voice calling, but it is includes unlimited text and data (unthrottled up to first 5GfB) for $30/mo.

Clearly Randall Stephenson doesn’t know his own company’s offerings, let alone the offerings of his competition. My question is: why doesn’t AT&T offer a similar plan for other devices? Why doesn’t Verizon?

Oh yeah, they want to maximize the amount of money they are able to get customers to pay. Offering a data-only service would seem to go against that.

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