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Optoma PT105 Projector

A while back, I was sent a Optoma PT105 Projectorto review. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since my only experience with projectors is when giving presentations either atmarketing events or in an office. I always have problems either making the picture big enough, bright enough, or clear enough. The fans in them are also loud. In other words, not something I would likely have at my house.


The Optoma PT105 met my expectations. Meaning, it’s no better than the projectors I’ve used other places. And certainly not something I’d consider buying for my house.

The PT105 takes input from one of three sources: VGA, Composite, or HDMI. This should cover most any computer or consumer gadget you might have at home. It also plays audio through composite or HDMI. That said, it’s not a high-resolution projector at 854×480–probably good enough for your Wii or DVD, but certainly not HD quality.

I tested the projector with my iPad 2 hooked up via VGA to the PT105. I took it into the one room in my house I could make dark and had a big enough wall. The picture was clear enough, but I could not make the picture big enough to make it worthwhile. Not to mention the fan noise, which while I understand is needed, is a dealbreaker for me.

[Edit: Fan noise is a problem that I’ve had with projectors far more expensive than the Optoma PT105. In reality, it’s comparable to other units I’ve experienced in a variety of price ranges. Doesn’t change the fact I don’t want fan noise in my living room.]

Perhaps it would have done better with HDMI or Composite on a different device. Maybe, but I was discouraged by my initial results to want to spend much more time with this projector.

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