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SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speakerphone

My friends at Mobile Fun in the UK sent me Soundwave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker to review. It’s no Jambone Jawbox, but for it fits the bill for a fraction of the cost.

There are two things I frequently do with my phone: listen to podcasts and on conference calls with speakerphone. The speaker on my iPhone 4S doesn’t cut it most of the time as it’s not loud enough. Having some sort of external speaker is, therefore, something highly desirable.

The speaker, which is about the size of my fist, is pretty no frills: only having a power switch, a Mini USB port for charging, a talk button and microphone on the side, and one speaker on the top. No stereo separation, therefore, but because of how I typically use it, it’s not needed.

One other feature I noticed with this device: on my iPhone 4S, I could see the battery status of the speaker in my status bar. I’ve never seen that with any other Bluetooth device before, so I had to look it up when I saw the icon. It is a neat feature, for sure. I wish more devices did that!

I tried listening to podcasts, attending conference calls, a little music, and even talked to Siri. Everything worked more or less as I expected. The audio quality was more than adequate, and Siri understood me. At least as well as she normally does.

In any case, if you’re looking for a portable bluetooth speaker for your mobile device, you can’t really go wrong with Soundwave SW50.


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