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Tabletwear Smart Case for Kindle Fire

Periodically, my friends at Mobile Fun in the UK send me something to review. They recently told me of their new US-based store, which is great, given that’s where I live :)

To celebrate the launch of their new store, I was sent a Tabletware Smart Case for the Kindle Fire to have a look at. I previously reviewed a Tabletware case for my iPad that I am quite satisfied with.

Meanwhile, here’s my take on this Kindle Fire cover: it makes the Kindle Fire feel a little like a book. The case, while easy to put the Kindle Fire in, fits like a glove, while leaving the speakers and ports properly exposed.

The screen cover folds over in a manner reminiscent of the Smart Covers for the iPad, meaning you can use it to prop up the tablet in landscape mode. It also makes it easier to hold the tablet in your left hand. It does not work so well propping up the tablet in portrait mode. The screen cover is also magnetized, so while you don’t get the auto shut-off feature the iPad has with compatible covers, you still get the reassurance the screen will be covered.

This is a quality cover. And a great deal for the $10 Mobile Fun USA is currently charging.

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