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Nokia’s Launch: Two Phones, No Day and Date of Release

My quote in The Mobile Industry Reviews Yesterdays Lumia Launch by Nokia – Forbes sums up my feelings nicely:

Here’s my very short summary of Nokia’s announcement: 2 handsets, no day and date of release. The rest of it is meaningless rubbish.

The 800 pound gorilla in the smartphone space (Apple) does a proper job of doing a product announcement. They will almost always tell you two important things about it:

  • When you can order it (usually immediately)
  • When will it ship (usually in a few days)

If Nokia hoped to wow any real consumers with their announcement, they’ve already lost. Even if consumers were pleased with what Nokia announced, or even excited, they have no idea when it will be available or when they can order it. They will simply forget about it and move on.

Nokia may have taken some cues from Apple in terms of handset design–copy with pride, as they used to say internally–but clearly they also need to take some cues on how to announce a product.

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