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Random Thoughts

My main source of income lately has taken way more of my time than I’d like. I have been having to spend the couple of hours in the evening that I normally blog, do Voxilla stuff, and whatever else needs doing, doing stuff I don’t have time for during the workday. It has been absolutely crazy lately and bound to get worse as I am trained to deal with additional products to support. That training is why I get to spend the week in Ottawa–the first time I have left the US in 5 years.

This is a two-laptop trip and two mobile phone trip. I have reasons for wanting to bring a second laptop with me (need both Unix and Windows handy). Two mobile phones are needed because one of them is a Nokia 9500 Communicator, which doubles as a music player and what I type out my blog entries on while in-flight. The second phone, a Nokia 6260, or what I like to call my “bling bling” phone. The talking happens on that, the “work” happens on the Communicator.

As I’m listening to The Eagles on my trip to Ottawa, I’m reminded of how old those guys are now. I saw a recent concert they had done on TV and man, Joe Walsh is a crazy old man now (he’s always been crazy). All of The Eagles are old guys now. I guess that’s what happens when all your favorite music is made by people 20 or 30 years older than you.

On the Voxilla front, various systems are getting improved. I have had some role in shaping these systems, though the bulk of the work has been done by others on staff.

The Support system at Voxilla has changed to something that Marcelo likes a lot better. It has a much nicer interface than our RT system which we were using. It also provides the ability to provide a sort of “support and contact portal,” which is in the process of being developed. This will roll out in the near future. Single sign-on for all of Voxilla’s public facing services is also coming.

Voxilla Canada is almost online. There’s an office with staff. A lot of things are ready to go, but a couple of key pieces are missing. Once they are in place, the Voxilla Canada store will be open.

There are a lot of VoIP-related things I could comment on too, I mean other than Voxilla. But I don’t really have any unique insight at the moment. Maybe I’m too busy to think about the implications of it all.

I’m going to have to see if they’ve got Skype for Symbian yet. Cingular wants to charge $0.89 a minute for roaming in Canada, but doesn’t charge roaming for GPRS. The cheapskate in me makes me want to try Skype over GPRS and see. Almost makes me wish I brought my PocketPC with me, which at least has a Skype client.

Meanwhile, I might as well sit back and relax. I’ve got a couple more hours before I end up in Chicago….

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