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Mobile Blogging

A while ago, I figured out how to email entries to my blog from my phone. What I really want is a blogging client, though. A blog entry I never posted that I wrote on my Communicator reminded me of that fact.

There are a few different Symbian or J2ME clients I could use: Azure, BlogPlanet, and MIDlog. None of them worked correctly with my Nucleus-based blog, which supposedly supports the same XMLRPC API that Movable Type and others support.

To post my last three blog entries that I wrote on the 9500, I actually cut and paste them into the same web form that I use when sitting at a desktop computer. It works, but it’s slow. I usually write the entries in the “Document” program and do a cut-and-paste into the web form. Works, but it’s clunky.

If anyone finds either a J2ME app or a Native Series 60/80 app that can talk to a Nucleus blog, which is compatible with the Blogger API, metaWebLog API, and Movable Type API, let me know.

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