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Streaming Music to your Mobile Phone?

Om points to Ditty Bot, which is a way to send songs from your iPod to your mobile phone using SkypeOut. I’m with Om, this is a stupid idea.

However, if I were going to do this, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Set up an Asterisk server.
  2. Get a SPA-3000.
  3. Get a Dock n Talk that’s compatible with one of my many phones.
  4. Get an extra SIM card on Cingular.
  5. Configure it so that I could dial into my Asterisk server from my other Cingular phone. Not too hard, but doable.

For a bit of extra hardware and a small monthly charge ($9.99 for an add-a-line on my current Cingular plan, but it’s more like $14.99 now), I can stream as much music as I want from my cell phone for one low monthly price. Seems a lot cheaper than using SkypeOut to do it.

Of course, because it would absolutely kill the battery life of your mobile phone, it’s a stupid idea. That and my mobile phone already plays MP3s, thank you very much. :)

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