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SIP Client for Symbian OS?

I was recently given a bad time by one of my readers for wanting a Skype client for Symbian OS. In a sense, it goes against my whole opinion of Skype to actually want a Skype client on any OS. That being said, I’m really looking for some kind of VoIP client on Symbian. SIP would be preferable, but I’ll take what I can get. At least with Skype, I can make cheap(er) PSTN calls.

The only thing I saw that was remotely close was this “Buzz2Talk” thing that was available a year or more back. The app appears to have “disappeared” from the Internet, though. The app was also limited to Free World Dialup use. I am looking for something a little more generic.

Oh well, I guess next time I travel someplace, I’ll bring my Pocket PC along and use Skype or SJPhone from that. At least until someone comes out with something I can use from my Symbian phones…

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