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Voxilla’s in Canada Now, eh?

While the press release went out yesterday, the Voxilla Canada store has actually been operational for the past two weeks or so.

Paul Crick, Voxilla’s CTO, is currently based in Vancouver, BC. Marcelo used to work on newspapers in Canada and lived there if I remember right. So we have some “basis” for going there–well that and we’ve shipped lots of stuff to Canada and we know there’s a market :) . It took a while getting there, though. Ironically, living in Seattle, I’m much closer to the Canadian office than the US office in San Francisco. Due to customs and the like, it would likely take me longer to actually get there, but that’s a different story.

We had to go through all of the process, which includes incorporation, setting up an office, setting up shipping in Canada, and the all-important establishing a credit card merchant account in Canada. Oh yeah, and hiring some additional staff for Canada like someone to do shipping and additional programming. “Stressy times” as Paul said in his blog, but it’s all good.

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