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Another Free VoIP Service?

GalaxyVoice has always been kind of a mystery to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because they don’t advertise as heavily as someone like BroadVoice or Vonage, but it appears they have some interesting offerings.

One of their more interesting one is their Free Broadband VoIP Service. It’s not really free since it involves a one-time setup charge of $24.95, but it is still worth considering. A Free DID in NY, MA, NH, or RI (presumably where they have their own facilities), free incoming calls, the usual suite of call management features, and 60 minutes of outbound calls to the US. Need to make more? More minutes are a measly 2.3 cents a minute to the US and 31 International locations. Want a bundle of minutes? That’s an option too.

They also offer numbers in a number of different locations and they offer the typical $20/mo unlimited plan for those numbers. What I find odd is the International Rates appear to be different for the non-NY, MA. HN, or RI numbers. I don’t get it.

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