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Regular Column on Voxilla?

Marcelo and I were talking today about, among other things, the fact I should be writing more stuff on Voxilla. Specifically, he thought the VoIP-related stuff I do on my blog should be a part of the regular Voxilla site. While I don’t have a problem with that in general, I do have a problem with the current content management system we’re using on the main Voxilla site. There’s also the whole problem of the site layout.

While we’re probably sticking with Postnuke for the forseeable future, we are planning on adding some modules that will make the content management a lot easier. We’re also working on a new site layout that should be a bit better as well. Once we get those things in place, you’ll see my VoIP-related musings move over to the main Voxilla site.

This will also mean that my VoIP musings get “edited” by someone first before the rest of you see it. Maybe this will mean a few less typos and gramatical errors. :)

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