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Podcasts Galore!

Now that I’ve been into podcasts for a couple of months, here’s what I’ve settled onto:

As much as I get to listen to podcasts during the week, this more than keeps my Nokia 9500 full. In fact, I am usually behind a week just because it takes me that long to get caught up. Ken Radio is 2.5 hours a week (30 minutes every weekday), TWiT is an hour a week, NewsReal is 5 one-hour shows a week, the VONRadio podcasts are infrequent and usually no more than 20 minutes worth a week. The Linux Link Tech Show is 90 minutes. That’s over 10 hours a week of audio that I have to manage on my Nokia 9500! But at least I always have something “new” to listen to.

                    Now if there was a decent podcast client for Symbian so I didn’t have to manage all this crap manually…

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