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Walking Down Memory Lane

This evening, I copied in the March 2004 blog entries into my Nucleus-based blog. This obviously gave me a chance to walk down memory lane and catch a glimpse of my state of mind a little over a year ago. I wonder what memories I’ll uncover if I go through some of my written journals from, say, college.

Anyway, March 2004 was about the time I started writing for and becoming more involved with Voxilla. Voxilla was a different company back then, and a lot of changes have occured, most of them for the better.

I was also high on Broadvox Direct. What’s interesting is that Broadvox Direct doesn’t seem to be going anywhere now, or at least Broadvox has mostly taken this service private label. Are they making money? Sure they are, just not on the consumer side. They are likely doing well on the business and carrier wholesale side of the business since they have quite the underlying network built up. They were initially a bit too ambitous with their plans, some of which have yet to materialize (e.g. their 911 stuff).

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