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Am I doing a book on NGX?

A few people have asked me if I’m going to do another book on Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1, particularly now that NGX has come out. The answer: no. It’s not planned, it’s not even under consideration. The reason: My day to day job has almost nothing to do with Check Point products. I still work with people that do that kind of support, and I even get (and answer) the occasional question about it. At the end of the day, it’s not what I do anymore and I am happy with that.

I know that people write books on topics they have no business writing about. The theory goes that the act of writing a book on a subject helps to make you an expert on it. Why? Because you have to do all the research and whatnot on the topic in question in order to actually write the book. I can certainly see how that theory would work.

My passion left the Check Point products a while ago and shows no signs of returning. Writing a technical book is way too much work for way too little reward for me to even consider doing a book on a topic I have lost interest in. I think it would be a farce for me to write a book claimining to be an expert on something I’m not all that interested in anymore.

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