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SpongeBob Squarepants

My son has been begging us to let him watch SpongeBob. We were telling him “you can’t do it until you’re five.” My son just turned five a couple of weeks ago. When he was in the video store today, he took us up on it. Being “responsible” parents, we told him we’d watch it first (after he went to bed) and decide whether or not he would be allowed to watch it.

My wife was not impressed. She really doesn’t like “strange” stuff like this, but there wasn’t anything she found objectionable. I am personally not bothered by the strangeness level of SpongeBob. It seems like a milder version of Ren and Stimpy–milder in the sense that it’s not gross and aimed more at kids. I found some of the stuff mildly amusing. Dr. Phil thinks SpongeBob is okay, so he can’t be that bad.

So I guess Jaden will finally get to watch SpongeBob after all.

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