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Differing Tastes in Media

My wife and I seem to be from different planets when it comes to the types of media we like to consume. It boils down to the fact that I am a guy, I’m a geek and my wife is not.

Generally speaking when it comes to the television, I tend to cede my right to choose what we watch to my wife. What we’re watching is rarely an issue, or at least I don’t find it worth making an issue. Fact is, there is very little I really want to watch. If I were living alone, I’d almost never watch TV.

My wife reads various magazines like Consumer Reports and various parenting magazines. If my wife has time to “pleasure read” (which she almost never does), she tends to read murder mysteries. I tend to read Information Technology trade rags (since I’m in the IT business) and Wired. I will occasionally read Science Fiction books, but it’s not like I have a lot of time to devote to that either.

My wife and I both like talk radio. Problem is, most of the talk radio stations here aren’t that great. The one popular one is geared towards men. My wife will listen to some of the programs depending on the topic. Since I’ve discovered podcasts and almost always have a few queued up on my Nokia 9500, I’ve pretty much given up listening to the normal radio.

Movies are another thing. Again, my wife and I have different tastes in movies. We both like comedies, but we have different senses of humour. I’ll watch just about anything if it’s funny. My wife doesn’t tend to like the bathroom-type humour of things like South Park. Dramas are another thing. Movies she likes, I don’t care so much for. Movies I like for one reason or another (e.g. Sideways, Lost in Translation), she doesn’t get.

Music. I’m not sure exactly what my wife likes anymore. She generally doesn’t listen to any, except on a rare occasion on the radio. I don’t really either, though I was digging our local rendition of JACK FM for a while. I still like Classic Rock, something my wife feels she’s heard enough of. I also like Weird Al and stuff in that same genre. My wife is not all that fond of Weird Al, et al.

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