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The FireWall-1 FAQs and Forums are moving…

I’ve been in talks with the fine folks at the Check Point Users Group about hosting the FireWall-1 related content on their website instead of mine. They tell me the project to copy the stuff over will begin in the next day or two. While the estimate was about a week’s worth of time, I suspect it will take slightly longer than that, based on past experience. We also talked about moving the FireWall-1 forums over to their site as well, which will likely happen around the same time.

Why am I moving this stuff? Because I don’t want to see the content go to waste, but I really don’t have the time or energy to maintain it anymore. I’d rather see it maintained and cared for by people with an interest in doing so.

The only thing I am keeping under related to Check Point is the FireWall-1 Gurus mailing list and archives, mostly because that stuff maintains itself for the most part.

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