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What Happened to my Headset?

I had taken my Nokia E70 and my Nokia HS-23 stereo headphones with me because I knew at some point today I was going to listen to a podcast. So when I went to take Gracie for a drive for her afternoon nap (yes, the only way she gets a nap is being strapped in a carseat and driven around), I pulled out my headphones to plug them into my phone. They don’t work. I unplug and replug them in. I see the message “Enhancement not supported.” Crap. That meant listening to the podcast on the loudspeaker.

I got home and tried to use those headphones in a couple of different phones. The headphones still seem to work in the other phones, including the Nokia 6101 the headphones came with. Except for the fact the volume control doesn’t work anymore. That might be why the Nokia E70 is rejecting it.

Fortunately, I have a pair of Nokia HDS-3 headphones that I got with my Nokia 6260 that I imported from the UK. They work fine, though they don’t wear as nice as the other ones. Nor does it have volume control on the headphones either.

Now I’ll have to see about getting the headphones replaced. Any suggestions for a good pair of stereo headphones that either use a so port or bluetooth?

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