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Why I won’t be switching to Verizon Wireless

After reading this piece from PCS Intel on Verizon charging for performing customer service functions in-stores, I think I can safely say I won’t be becoming a Verizon Wireless customer. Not that I need to go into a store all that often, but when I do, and I need help, I don’t think I should be charged for it. Customer Service is a cost of doing business in the mobile phone industry. Charging for in-person help is no way to increase customer loyalty.

Of course, the other things that Verizon does is cripple their phones so that the only way to get things on and off it is to use their data services. That’s another big reason I will avoid the company that employs the “Can You Hear Me Now” guy.

If they just employed SIM chips such as the ones they employ in GSM phones, half of the things they need to “charge” for or develop automatic systems for (e.g. changing ESNs) would simply not be necessary. Want to swap GSM phones? Just take the SIM out and put it in a different phone. No need to contact the carrier. No need to go to a website and say “hey, my ESN is now…” If you’re smart and store your contacts on the SIM, you don’t even need to copy contacts over to the new phone.

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