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I’m doing something I haven’t done ever–take two weeks off of work at once. :)

Am I going to be gone the whole two weeks? Of course not. The family and I are going to Atlanta, GA and a suburb of Birmingham, AL, which is in the South Eastern US for those unfamiliar with US geography. We’ll only be gone for about half that time. But we need to prepare. And I want a couple of days after travelling with my wife and two kids for a week to relax, only to get onto another airplane and take a work trip. :)

During the times when I am not actually home, I will have limited to non-existant Internet access. I will likely have my Nokia 9500 with me, which depending on how well Cingular has their network built out in Georgia and Alabama, should give me at least some opportunity to peek at email periodically. I certainly won’t be reading blogs, listening to podcasts, or anything like that. I won’t have that kind of time.

I’ve got a few days before I go completely offline, tho…

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