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Sharing VoIP

I threatened my co-workers that I’d bring in my Sipura into the office while I was here this time, and sure enough I did yesterday. At times, I felt a bit like a salesman, espousing the virtues of having your phone service delivered over VoIP, or at least the kinds of services that the VoIP providers are offering that the local telcos are not. Aside from the technical issues, I also discussed the regulatory ones. There were quite a number of discussions, not much “demonstration” since there isn’t an unfiltered Internet connection to be had in the office. I did call one of my co-workers from my BroadvoxDirect line from the hotel this evening. It’s not as if I didn’t call him before on it, it was just a matter of cell coverage not being so hot in the hotel.

In any case, Jeff Pulver’s Blog is what you should be reading if you want to learn more about VoIP. He talks about other techy stuff too as well as talks about things going on with Free World Dialup, a free service he runs that allows people to talk to each other worldwide. It’s a kind of “Amateur Radio” of VoIP (I think I recall Jeff making that analogy on his blog).

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