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Cingular has actually Raised the Bar in Port Orchard!

This afternoon, I had a kind of “holy crap” moment when I looked at my cell phone. I was at my barber in a part of Port Orchard that historically had bad Cingular/AT&T Wireless signal. Today, I saw full strength signal–the kind I remember seeing when I had T-Mobile and was in that area. “Oh yeah,” my barber says, “they just put a new cell tower down the street.” Sweeeet!

The new tower appears to be putting out the old AT&T Wireless network code (310-38) rather than the “proper” Cingular network code (310-41). I guess there are still a lot of people on AT&T Wireless in my area. Either way, I have definitely experienced a “raising of the bar” thanks to Cingular. :)

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