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Flying Delta

Why is it that the more I fly other airlines, the more I think they all suck? This trip, we flew Delta, mainly because we can get a direct flight from Seattle to Atlanta. When you have young children, no stopovers is ideal.

Entertaining my daughter wasn’t as hard as it could have been, at least so far. She got fed, played wwith some toys, walked around a bit, got to make a little bit of a mess with toilet paper in the bathroom. It’s all good.

Last time we flew Delta, we only had Jaden, but they made us “bring our lunch onboard” (i.e. they gave you a sack lunch outside the plane). They did not do that this time, but they gave a pathethic amount of food onboard. A couple of crackers, some cheese spread, raisins, and two Oreo cookies. I can eat the raisins. The cheese spread is marginal. Fortunately, I had packed a couple of Apples and a couple of lo-carb bars, so at least I could supplement. We had bought granola bars for the kids, so they were taken care of.

As I’m typing this at about 4:15pm PDT, my daughter has been crashed on me for the past hour and a half. My son has managed to mostly entertain himself with minimal intervention needed, though I did manage to leave an important cord for one of the DVD players in the suitcase. My wife is reading a book. I have read thru most of my magazines–saving Wired for the trip home–and listened to the couple of podcasts I had downloaded before leaving.

Let’s see how the rest of the plane ride goes…

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