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Samsung Goes S4… I Still Don’t Care

If you’re an Android fan, chances are, you’ve heard of the Samsung Galaxy S4. And surely, by Android standards, it will be a great phone, likely selling by the shedload.

I’m sure the handset is designed well. The Galaxy S3 was pretty nice looking. Heck, even the S2 wasn’t bad. Samsung keeps getting better with their high-end handsets.

How much of that know-how they learned from Apple is not really relevant. It still takes some skill to design and manufacture a quality handset.

Surely the handset is very capable. It certainly looks that way on paper with a big battery, big camera, big screen, and so on.

But I still can’t bring myself to buy an Android device. At least not while I’m on Verizon and am therefore subject to my operator deciding what firmware I get when. And I don’t necessarily want the “value” that Samsung brings with their software.

And despite the fact that the device has a big battery, there’s not a single Samsung Galaxy S4 Case that incorporates a battery in it like the Unu case I have on my iPhone 4s. Because while I know you can change the battery on a Samsung device–at least I presume you can on this one–I’d prefer the battery to be in the case so I don’t have to disassemble my phone to extend the battery life a few more hours.

Maybe I’ll change my mind if I manage to see a functioning unit up close and personal, but for now, I’m sticking with my iPhone.

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