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Off to Birmingham

Or the suburbs thereof at least.

We had our fun at Stone Mountain. Yesterday, we went to the top of Stone Mountain on the tram. It’s more like a hill at only ~1600 feet above sea level, but it sure looked impressive. The clouds obscured what looked like could have been a promising view.

Jaden took on a water slide by himself. Alll he needed to see was his friends doing it and that was that. Even I had a bit of fun going down before a thunder and lightning storm called off the fun.

Later in the evening, there was a laser show projected on the face of the mountain. The loud music and fireworks was a bit much for Gracie which meant Gracie and I made a hasty exit.

Meanwhile, we’re trying to wake up the kids–one of them is asleep on my shoulder–and get packed and ready to leave. Today, before driving to Birmingham, we’ll meet up with a college friend of my wife’s and their son and head to the children’s museum in Atlanta.

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