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App Dot Net Launches Passport for iOS

App.Net, the social network that I describe as a platform that enables many different experiences, has launched their Passport app for iOS (download link)!

For those of you curious about, this is a great way to, first, get a free-tier account (normally you’d have to get an invite from someone), see the different iOS apps that utilize the APIs, find people to follow, and manage your App.Net profile. It purposefully does not perform any messaging functions as you are encouraged to use third party apps to interact with App.Net (unlike Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc).

It’s also supports the ability to pass your App.Net credentials to other App.Net applications, making it easy to try new apps without entering your App.Net credentials in again. Apps have to add support for this feature, which is relatively straightforward from what I can tell.

I really enjoy being on App.Net and hope you’ll take advantage of the Passport you’ve been given to try it out. If you want an invite and not using an iOS, leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send one.

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