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Liquor Laws

In the South, we encountered the annoying fact that they don’t sell liquor on Sunday. This includes beer and wine, though some counties sell beer and wine on Sunday. I personally think this is stupid and small minded.Why are the state-run liquor stores in Alabama called “Package Stores”? Why can’t I buy my Jack Daniels in a grocery store on a Sunday like I can in California and Hawaii? At least in Washington, I can buy my booze on Sunday. Now those who know me know I’m not a big drinker, so you might wonder why I am going off on liquor laws. Because I’m not a fan of many of the laws surrounding most drugs and alcohol. Consenting adults should be allowed to consume or inhale whatever they choose in the privacy of their own home and in designated areas. The government spends far too much of it’s energy suppressing something that laws aren’t going to stop from happening. Heck, they could tax it and even make some money. I just don’t get it.

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