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Home at last! Now let’s break the girl…

For those who have been following my vacation saga, I am happy to report I made it home in one piece and with some sanity intact. Of course, since my last blog entry was written on the plane and there’s “theoretically” no way for me to have posted that entry unless I landed safely, but it’s nice to write a blog entry saying I actually made it. On Sunday, though, I will be getting in the car and going right back to Sea-Tac since I need to be in California next week.

During this trip, we have made a habit of picking up my daughter when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Yes, I know that’s not good, but we prefer not to disturb the other guests in the hotel. Now that she’s gotten used to that, we have to break her of it again. Unfortunately, my wife is unable to do this because she cannot stand to hear my daughter cry for as long as she needs to in order to get back to sleep. Since I can sleep through anything and can ignore her nighttime crying fairly easily, my wife is sleeping at her parents (just down the street) so I can “break her.”

Unfortunately, we’re only going to get a couple of nights of this between incoming guests at her parents and my impending trip to California, so I don’t know that I will be able to completely break her, but we’ll see.

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