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What happened to

That’s because I changed the DNS for to point to my blog. As I wrote earlier, is moving. When the DNS changes propagate, everyone will see my blog instead of the TWiki-based home page I had before. If you’re seeing this, you’re either reading my blog as you expected or you’re seeing my blog for the first time and saying: “What the hell?”

One important aspect from this change is that I turned all the pages on my Wiki into static HTML files. This means a lot of the functionality that the Wiki provided is no longer available. This includes the ability to register, edit articles and search using the built-in tools. This is an interim measure, so I do not intend to do anything to rectify this situation. This also means my web-based forums are effectively dead. No, I’m not bringing them back, so please don’t ask.

The long-term solution is the content will be hosted over on, which will care and feed for the content going forward.

UPDATE: The content has been moved over as of 14 August 2005. I will keep a version of the content on my site for a period of time, after which I will remove it.

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