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Mobile blogging

One of the things I like about my Nokia 6800 is that I have a way to write notes to myself anywhere. I just whip it out, open up the keyboard, and with a couple of keypresses, I am typing. Granted it is with my thumbs, but that’s not a bad thing. I find that it forces me to slow down just enough to articulate my thoughts better.

An advantage of having my blog on something like TWiki is that I can fairly easily take notes from my 6800 and turn them into blog entries. Due to the lightweight nature of TWiki’s markup abilities, I can do most of the formatting from the device itself.

Getiing an entry from my phone to my blog involves the following:

  • Using Infrared to beam the “note” in the 6800 over to one of my laptops.
    • Renaming the Nokia.vnt file to something with a .txt extension (optional on Linux)
      • Opening the file in a text editor
        • Copying the text into the clipboard
          • Pasting it to my blog page

          I’m sure there are slightly more automated ways to do this, but this procedure is not all that difficult to do. It’s not realtime either, but I don’t see a need for realtime mobile blogging… yet.


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