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Why I Go To Frys

Any techie who lives either in the L.A. area, the SF Bay Area, or a few other select places knows the pull of the evil Frys Electronics.

Now I know that Frys is evil. Everyone who has been there knows that Frys is evil, and for different reasons. However, the reason I go there is that most of the time, I know I will find what I need there. I might pay less somewhere else and get marginally better service, but I can shop with confidence knowing they’ve got the tech gadget I need. Heck, if I want price and customer service, I’ll mail order it. If I want it now, I’ll go to Frys.

Even though I live in the Seattle area, I am never in Renton, where the Frys in Washington state is, so I always shop at Frys when I’m down in California. ;)

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